Monday, April 29, 2013

Do you believe in aliens?-2

But apart from the apparent human anatomy, I don’t know if there the aliens are smarter or superior to us. And the other thing that I find fascinating is the fact that most of the aliens come to the U.S. (as seen in movies, books, TV shows etc). How come we don’t see aliens coming in other parts of the world? Are the abductions of humans by the aliens real or just the wild imagination of some people overburdened with stress or something else? And you may have heard about Area 51, a supposedly secret government site allegedly claimed by some to hold aliens and conducting experiments on them and not letting people know about them. How did this site become part of the conspiracy theory is another story but the alien story keep on popping up everywhere. Several movies have come out regarding aliens and every year there are movies that continue this trend. And it is not only movies, but TV shows and books keep on churning suggesting we have alien neighbors, invaded by aliens, then we have friendly and not so friendly aliens and the list keeps on growing. And then you have alien fan clubs which deal with this alien phenomena.. All of this is just a desperate attempt to have some connection with other people who may exist with superior technology that may cure all of our ills. Also you know that a fascination with unknown things has been part of hobbies for generation of fans and it will remain so until proof is provided otherwise.

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