Thursday, April 25, 2013

Movies to watch-2

Movies are fun to watch and l love them very much but as I said before that I would be least inclined to go to a romantic, drama, comedy or kids family movie if I can really avoid it. I would rather be in the comfort of my home watching the aforementioned movies which I can pause and stop and do whatever chores I have to do and then come back again because now with big screen TVs you can watch these kinds of movies in theater like conditions but the only kind of movies I want to watch is action movies. They are the best to watch on the big screen as the sound effects and the screen makes it even greater. You cannot have the same kind of effect at home because the action loses its charm on the small screen even if you have the biggest TV screen out there. Movies should be watched for entertainment and relaxation and to escape from your mundane everyday lives and if you are going to get aggravated by watching a movie where you have to stress yourself to listen to what is going on then it is better to stay at home and watch whenever you want to watch it. Although I would not advice this to be done since Hollywood industry would lose a lot of money just on my advice and then creative movies will not be made since they can only make so many action movies per year. It is my opinion and everybody has to make their own decision whether to spend twenty to thirty dollars on an aggravated outing or just do something more enjoyable.

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