Friday, April 26, 2013

Curious about space

As I was watching a science fiction movie, I started to realize how well we know the space above us. We have just been to the moon and send some space ship to the outer parts of our galaxy but have not even scratched the surface of it. We don’t even know yet if we are alone or have company out there. Are we the only human beings or there are others out there with superior technology that we know of. We are so clueless and yet we fight among ourselves since we think that we don’t belong to the same race. And this budget crisis and the era of austerity in the U.S. will hamper the efforts of the space program and we will not be able to do that much research as with more money. As you all know that the U.S. spend the most on space research and it benefits all human kind (and also the U.S. in particular), but right now the U.S. don’t have the money really to explore space as it would probably want to and the other nations like the Russians and Chinese and the Indians don’t have that much know how and the money to go ahead and pick up the tab that the space exploration needs. When you see up in the sky, it sometimes is scary that it is so empty or is it really? Do you really know that the stars simply don’t vanish during day time but due to the intense light of the sun, we are unable to see them with our eyes?

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