Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The teaching of entrepreneurship

I have been in the teaching business for some time in my life and I taught finance and accounting to undergraduates and graduate students and the thing that struck me was everybody wanted to work for somebody else instead of striking out on their own. They were more excited about their future employers and not at all worried about if they will ever get their dreams jobs. And this leads me to a question that has bothered me ever since. Why a person is more than happy to somebody else but is so scared of even entertaining the idea of starting their own business. Sometimes it is the fault of the parents also who encourage their offspring to follow a certain career path that they followed so that it should a so called "safe" future. But as you can see there is no well worth mentioning career that is not facing the upheaval that this new economy has brought on. Especially the degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA) implies that a person should be master in administrating a business not a master of a narrowly defined skill or stuck in a pigeon hole of a career where you don’t even utilize your above mentioned degree. As I have studied in my MBA classes, although they teach all you need to know about how to run a business but basically they are training you to work for some financial institution or corporation and not preparing them to run their own business.

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