Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It’s hard being a single parent-2

And even if they pay their child support, it is not enough to live by it (except if you are very rich enough to get humongous child support from rich fathers). And if the single mothers are widowed then it becomes harder for them since they have to find jobs that pay for them and their kids. Furthermore even single fathers have to cope with the pressures of being a single parent (although not as tough as the women but I am not sure about that either). And since the single parents are already focused on their financial well being and their kids, it hardly gives them enough time to start dating again or have a social life of their own. Although this is important for the single parent so that they are not socially isolated but it becomes harder since they have to take care of their kids first and usually think about themselves later. Even going to work can be a hassle as the single parent has to arrange for some babysitting since most of the kids are back from school by 3.30 and most of the parents after five. And some of the parents have to work on the weekends too to meet expenses and then finding reliable and affordable child care or babysitting service becomes more of a hassle since not everybody has relatives who can take care of their kids. The households’ chores cannot be divided since there is only one of them to take care of everything in the house, same goes for helping with homework and school activities.

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