Monday, April 29, 2013

Do you believe in aliens?

It is an established fact that everybody is entitled to his/her opinion. And the only way to change one's opinion is to convince somebody with solid facts (and even after that they would not believe you since they want to hold onto to their own narrow minded interpretation of events or facts). As my blog is called infinipinions, I write because I love to voice my opinion (not necessarily with facts) as I am not here to change anybody's opinion but to state my opinion and then hopefully get some comments from my readers. Now my question is that do you believe in Aliens? Just to let you know that I don’t believe in them (not necessarily the kind that is depicted in movies) but there may be some out there which can surprise us. Some people have believed in Aliens a long time now and there are several books detailing the abduction of them and going through the Alien's space ship and what not. I believe that I read one of the books on alien abductions and although found it fascinating but not convincing enough to believe in the sort the people were describing. And with countless movies out there about the abduction and the skimpy evidence of them being living among us I remain skeptical about them and they (if they are true) having much improved technology than ours. I mean that the way it is described by people who have encountered these so called Aliens looks eerily like the humans with modified parts like big eyes, long hands and legs etc.

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