Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tax return time

So yesterday April 15 was the tax return time in the U.S. and if you have not already filed your returns, you can get a six month extension from that date. I am sure other countries may have similar deadlines for tax return (and some may not even have one). I already filed my taxes before the deadline as I do every year electronically without the hassle of signing lots of paper work and mailing it out. It has become very easier to file your taxes now online. Although everybody hates to do their taxes and if you have to pay the government at that time, it becomes more of burdensome chore, but as I am just talking about the U.S. I encourage everybody to file their taxes and pay their fair share of what is due to them. This I am saying not because I love to do taxes, but because no modern government can function without taxes. You can say that taxes are a necessary evil that we cannot do without. And if you know how to do tax, then you can have some extra income on the side during the tax season (which starts from January first till April 15 of each year). But even if you are not able to do your taxes, they are here to stay and despite efforts by some extreme fringe groups to do away with it, it is not going to happen. But back to the return, if people can do their taxes in an orderly fashion, there is no reason to hate them or rush them at the last minute. You have to file them anyway, so why wait till the last moment and become panicky.

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