Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It’s hard being a single parent-3

And then there is this stigma that your child can face being that they have one parent. The questioning by their friends (even if they are getting less) can be really harmful to the child and the blame they may put on the parent about their situation when they get angry about something. I really admire the single parents that they are dedicated to the well being of their child even sacrificing their own needs so that their child does not feel isolated or neglected. They try to be both the father and the mother and they double it up in the roles of both parents when their child needs one. Although a single parent does not have to answer to his other half (and sometimes that can be a good thing), but in reality sometimes you just need that extra head or a company to make things work. I have seen some single parents who feel exhausted coming to their work or going about their work and also on the weekends their work is not all fun and games and they are constantly worrying about their finances and well being of their child and how to care of them the best way they possibly can. Because if they were not single parents, then at least they can share their worrying and caring with their partners, but since they cannot do that they are exhausted most of the time. I wish them well and praise them for how well they are executing their responsibilities to the best of their abilities.

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