Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Too many recalls of cars

Long time ago I wrote an article about the massive Toyota® recall and what can happen to its reputation. Well now the reputation of Toyota ® has come back again but the recall remains. And as they say Misery loves company, now every other car manufacturing company has been recalling their vehicles here and there. I recently got a recall for my Lexus ® car for a wiper thing and it is not only the Toyota ® brand, but even the other foreign brands like BMW® Nissan® and the American brands have been recalling their cars for the slopping work they have done to push as many cars as possible out of their factories when they are not ready for road. I can understand that with complex electronics being applied to cars, these recalls will be increasingly a factor in the future but it would have been neglect on the part of the manufacturers not to notice these defects even small ones. Believe me I don’t mind the recalls because in many developing countries around the world, the recall is just replaced by going to the mechanic and fixing the defect because you are never told that defect is due to the factory screwing up or it is your fault. You just assume that it is just part of wear and tear. Here in the developed countries, they are nice enough (or suing scared enough) to do the repair at the manufacturer's expense and acknowledge that it was their fault. But it would be really nice that instead of spending millions of dollars in recall, they make sure that the cars are in excellent working condition before sending it out to the market.

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