Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Boston Bombing and the role of small businesses in times of crisis

First of all condolences for all the people who were victims of this terrible incident of terrorism Now that the threat of Boston bombing and the culprits is over (somewhat), let’s see how did the shutdown of the Boston area affected the business. Most of the business according to the request (order?) of the authorities was closed for the time; the hunt for the bomber was going on. But there were some businesses that were open during all this tragedy as they could not afford to lose their business even for one day and therein lies the question. Small businesses have less of a reserve in cash to stay close for any period of time and it is imperative now for them to make sure that if something likes this happen, they can still stay open online. And the new trend now is to ask your workers to work in offices and not from home but what about this situation where you are unable to get out of the house. Is telecommuting not the only solution. In these kinds of situation, when you can least afford to lose business, the best strategy for small businesses to serve their customers since they still have to eat and do their daily work while staying at home and be aggressive on the internet and stay connected at all times. This is the time to show the difference and have personal attention and this is what counts most when you help people in their time of need. In this technology age, even businesses which are geographically concentrated in one area need not stop business in times of calamity but stand out from other businesses by being active and serve your customers or maybe gain some by having a website with the same level of customer service and also other information which the new customers may not know about you or with the current customers you can sympathize with their situation (without being overly concerned about your business ) and tell some personal stories to ease your customers' anxiety in times of crises.

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