Friday, April 19, 2013

Are staff cuts always the answer?-2

Either the corporations don’t care about the employees or they don’t know what happens to them in the future, since after firing, nobody wants to keep in touch with each other. But corporation's voice is heard through its top management and it is they who are responsible for the big bunch of layoffs. To be fair to them, they are also under tremendous pressure to increase profitability, raise the stock price and reduce expenses. But it is easy for someone to fire other person than if it is your own skin. There is also the case of so much specialization that when you fire people it is hard to replace them since you have to train somebody to do their job. Now the corporate world sees the humans as just dollar signs and they are more willing to swing the axe when the market goes sour and it is not the fault of the employees that if it does. But is it really the fault of the employees that the sales of a company go down. The employees are there to implement the policies of the corporation as directed by the top management. The management is responsible for developing the management and they should be able to forecast how much they will be able to generate revenues. I believe that hiring should be based on absolute necessity and not on if and when the sale rises and the employees should be trained on multiple skills and on the specialization ones.

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