Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It’s hard being a single parent

This is one of those things that you would not want to experience in your life time. Nobody that I have met, read on the internet (and I do crazily read contents on the internet believe me) or seen on the television wants to a single parent to a child or children. And you may have seen on television the harsh lives of people who have met this unfortunate event in their lives maybe through divorce, death of some other circumstances. We should as a society should not judge these parents based on our preconceived notions about parenthood since we are not in their shoes. And this phenomenon is not confined only to the United States but increasing day by day in other parts of the world especially the advanced ones. Single parent is truly no fun judged by only watching and reading some of the people who are living through it. There has been consistent articles regarding the effect on the kids who have one parent in the house. But right now I want to focus on a single parent who has to not only rely on being the sole provider to their kid but has to juggle both being a father and a mother to the kid. You cannot be harsh all the time and you cannot be soft all the time in terms of raising your kids. And the financial aspect is usually the most important factor in all of this. If you are single mother, than you life becomes more miserable (no matter what they say otherwise) because not all the divorced fathers pay their child support.

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