Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Still working with the change

Whenever you shop on line and in stores, you always notice that the price always ends up with .99 or .95. It is so common that you cannot help it to ignore it even once. As long as I remember it has been going on forever. And it is not confined to the United States, but almost all countries are afflicted with these disease. I guess they may have read the same book that says that it is all in the head of the consumers since they assume that they are paying not for example hundred but 99.99 or 99.95. And it does have the effect on people saying that they got it for less than hundred and it is also advertised as such. Maybe in some countries they do pay back the remaining change but in most countries either people don’t bother to ask for it or a sales tax is added to the amount and it is no more less than hundred but above that. It has been a successful strategy that is why every store and company follows it through like a religious edict. Very few companies round up the price of the products and when I buy some stuff I always round it off because I know that I have to pay the sales tax (in the U.S.). And there is little on the part of any company or consumers to get rid of this deceptive advertising as some of the companies have done to little success. And if it has proven to be success and the sales does increase substantially then why not use it.

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