Thursday, April 18, 2013

How you want to be remembered once you are gone.

This is the question everybody should ask themselves now and then. What are you leaving behind in this world? How do you want to be remembered? Despite all the advanced of technology, it is a known fact that death is real and everybody will leave this earth for eternity No matter what your religious beliefs are, you will one day be no more in this world and then apart from your family members and your relatives, how do you want other people to remember you. Some people are so notorious that people are loathe to remember them not even in any nicer way and there are some where even the enemies grudgingly accept the fact that the deceased person went out of his way to accommodate and please everybody. These are the people who leave a good memory and people try to be like them in one way or the other. But in order to make sure that the deceased person is remembered by wide audience, their off spring and relatives can do more by creating charities in his/her name, give out scholarships, donate some money to establish some permanent fixture or name plate in a hospital, school, park etc. And as everybody knows you cannot take anything with you when you leave this world except your good nature and character and how to dealt with other human beings and other creatures. So think about this thing when you are doing anything as this is the only thing that you will take away with you and be counted the most pious among the inhabitants of the hereafter.

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