Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The lone wolf terrorist-2

But the question is now how to stop these individuals who are just inspired by the terrorist organizations and go their own to create havoc with the lives of other people. You cannot install cameras everywhere or tap into every phone, internet and all the personal files of all the individuals without either jeopardizing the privacy and freedom of other citizens, neither it seems it will be neither practical nor constitutional. But most of it cannot be practical because of the huge privacy issue and the more you do it, the more people will find a way to avoid it. But now how can you stop a lone terrorist who does not have an affiliation with any organization and who get out and go crazy. You can't but there are some ways you can avoid this and one of the best ways is the community support where these people come from. You can use the best technology in the world but you cannot beat the cooperation of the community leaders in getting these vulnerable individual to integrate and assimilate with the rest of the population. The friends who are near and dear and the parents and relatives should also get involved and try to prevent this from happening. And in this case even if they have to invade somebody's privacy they should do it for the sake of that individual and the larger community. And the cooperation with the Police is essential. Although I understand that there is increasing hesitancy on the part of the minorities and community leaders to avoid police contact but it is better to have contact with them now than to have them come back with subpoenas and warrants and with hostile attitude.

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