Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The teaching of entrepreneurship-2

Although with the explosion of internet and all sorts of people going it alone since this recession, there has been huge interest in entrepreneurship classes and even some colleges offers majors in them in addition to the traditional finance, accounting, marketing and other majors. But still the overwhelming majority of the schools still teach the individual how to make themselves useful for the job market and not the boss market. But again who am I to judge since I only give my opinion. But you know the world has changed a lot since a few years ago, the loyalty between a company and its employees have evaporated mostly and everybody is looking for his/her interest. So it would be necessary for all schools to incorporate in their curriculum the teaching of entrepreneurship so that people have at least a basic idea of how to run a small business. Now some people say that being an entrepreneur, you don’t need to go to school and it is learnt on the job or some people are born with a knack for being an entrepreneur. All this discussion aside and whether you agree with the above mentioned argument or not, if you don’t believe anything, it is true that all jobs do require on the job training no matter what and becoming an entrepreneur gives you the widest choice about all the fields essential to running a business and also give you valuable experience even if it does not work out for you initially. At least with this experience, you may have gained skills which will be useful if you decide to find a job.

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