Friday, April 26, 2013

Curious about space-3

And what about the minerals, can we find oil, gas, gold, silver and all the other natural minerals that we have on earth. And by some fluke we happen to know it that other planets may have it, can we harness it and bring it back to earth. Can you utilize the energy that all these planets have so that we can have environmentally free energy for our use? Can some of the planets have energy which is not available on earth and we can utilize it here. Do we have the defenses if one of the planets hits us without any warning? Can we secure our future by going out to explore different planets and have our inhabitants there if the earth is destroyed or become inhabitable? Do other planets have natural medicines that can cure cancer and other fatal diseases on earth and can we bring some of them back if we happen to find them? Astronomers and scientists and I believe that millions of people living may have similar or even more curious questions about the space and it is just fascinating that with all the technologies advances we have not even started to explore what is really out there in space. We keep on finding new and new stars in far off places and even some which is relatively nearby (in terms of space time). Just getting curious about space opens up so many questions that remain unanswered and I know there will be a lot more which will never get answered.

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