Monday, April 22, 2013

Where did all the aid go?-3

You can just see the comparison about how the state of Israel is developing faster than its rival (or friend) in all fields. I have not been to either countries but by the judge of the news coming out of Egypt, the condition there does not look good as it is in turmoil with the infighting between the government and the opposition. Who in the right mind would invest in a country in turmoil even if they have more potential consumers? With all the aid the Egyptian had for the last thirty years or so, it would have become an economic powerhouse but it does not look anywhere near that even with all the aid coming from the U.S. and the Arab countries. Why is it that the same aid has transformed Israel into a rich country and Egypt still mired in poverty? Human beings live in both countries and money flows in both countries so why is Egypt in such dire straits while Israel keeps on moving ahead even when it seems to surrounded by enemies bent on destroying it. Is corruption and greed maybe the answer and why that is everybody involved succumbing to the same greed and nobody refuses to be honest and not corrupt. And it is not about Egypt only but another country a big recipient of U.S. aid is Pakistan. It has been receiving also billions of dollars but the level of poverty has gone down considerably. Whatever the level of hostility and anti-Americanism that the Pakistanis breed in them, they cannot absolve themselves of the fact that their rulers are corrupt and greedy and the people who play along with them are the same too.

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