Thursday, April 25, 2013

Movies to watch

You know that most people love to watch movies on the big screen and I am in that category too but not all the movies have the same effect on the big screen. Now I don’t want to recommend that you should stop going to the movies altogether. It is just my opinion that I would rather watch movies on the big screen where I can truly enjoy the special effects and actions that a movie has. And I don’t really want to go to movies where there is lots of talk and little action. Talkative movies include on the top of my list drama, comedy and kids family movies in no particular order. Dramas are so in general by nature and there is lots of talk and silence in the theaters, since everybody is trying to listen to what the actors are saying and I feel uncomfortable because really there is dead silence. Comedy movies are the worst to watch on the big screen because by the time people stop laughing at a joke, you may have missed the dialogue which may have been passed and to spend 10 dollars (not to include popcorn and soda) to see some people making jokes at each other does not have any effect whether you are seeing it on the big screen or the small ones. And the Kid family movies are the last nail on the patience of mine since some kids want to be kids and not adults in the theaters (I don’t blame them for that) but for some kids it is just a playground and they sometimes are not comfortable in their seats alone so kids family movie should be only for the time where you don’t have anything to do with the kids or the movie is so good that the kids are bugging you to see it instantly.

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