Monday, April 29, 2013

To each according to their circumstances

After trying to persuade some individuals to partner with me in my endeavor to start a business and encountering indifference and apathy on a surprising scale, I have decided to leave people to themselves and not to push around since everybody has their own circumstances to deal with and I am just in their way in whatever they are hoping to do and it got me thinking. Even with the most pure of heart that you may have, do you want to change the people or persuade them to do something even if it benefits them but they will have to sacrifice something in the process like time, money, hard work etc? why you want to be the beacon of hope for some people when those people don’t want any beacon in the first place. Even with your best intentions you are spurned then there is something wrong with you not the other way around. You don’t want to be the messiah or the savior of people who are doing just fine by themselves. Even if you want some help you would not be able to find it because you have not been tested or are regarded as the same like them. I mean first build something, become successful and then the same people who spurned you will come to you with a position of weakness, not strength. But until such time, leave other people to their own circumstances and you should move forward with what you want to achieve and then see what happens.

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