Saturday, April 13, 2013

It’s all in the head

Have you ever for a moment thought about the actions you take are linked entirely to what your brain says. The doctors already know this and the common people also believe that too but still acts like they don’t know. All your actions that make you work as a normal function is linked to the orders of the brain. If your brain is not working properly, you can become handicapped. Even what I am typing now is related to what I am thinking. We think that most of our actions we do it unconsciously but our brain dictates what we do and how we should go about doing it. Even what we perceive that the other people are thinking about us is also linked with our brain. As the doctors say that when somebody is brain dead, he/she is actually dead and there is no way he/she can be brought back to life? Besides the heart which can withstand any pain or suffering, the brain is the main motherboard if you can of the human body. And since you cannot function without your heart, the same is true of brain. I have studied Psychology and it really tells you that the brain is the granddaddy of the human body and the chemicals in the brain acts to make us function. Even if you believe yourself as being powerful and superior you can just believe that you are just full of it and other people will think of you as being part of a delusional reality that it is all your imagination and imagination is all in your head. So any step you take consciously or unconsciously, you should better believe that the brain is making you do it.

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