Thursday, April 25, 2013

The lone wolf terrorist-3

It is imperative for any community to report suspicious activity of their community members to police because if you don’t then the whole community comes into suspicion. Nobody wants to be called a snitch but in times of extreme caution and the terror threat always there, the community cannot ignore what is happening in their midst and think that the problem will go away. The people go to police whenever they are in trouble or want to done something in a legal so why the hesitancy in collaborating with police in a positive way. Most of the minority communities have come from societies where the suspicious of police is very high and their contact with police is very minimal or negligible. But the more they avoid it, the more they will be targeted not only by the police but the mainstream media will be merciless in criticizing them for not doing enough to stop terrorism in its tracks. And as more days are passed and you start hearing about how they were, the madder you get and so the community people as it is bringing bad name to their religion and stop all this nonsense about waging Jihad in the name of religion as the character of these so called Jihadist are not even close to anywhere being a Muslim. Instead of being good members of the society, these losers are destroying whatever goodwill the Muslim community has developed over the years. I will write about it this more later on but for now, it will be race against time to find more of these so called lone wolf terrorists and keep the society safe from their lunacy and in this effort, everybody will have to do their duty as citizens and human beings.

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