Wednesday, April 17, 2013

There is no shortage of crazy people

If you see or read the news every day, you will come across some people who act in a crazy way which is out of the normal human nature. It may be killing somebody, driving while intoxicated, kidnapping, fraud, disrupting some venue and list goes on and on. You never know when the person beside you can snap nor have a bad day and they lash out at other people without any reason or cause You don’t know how to react to this crazy person as you are not warned about their behavior or taken by surprise. You could be that crazy person also since you as a human being has a breaking point. And you cannot protect yourself from these crazy people as there is no form of protection when you are caught off guard. Craziness doesn’t mean that every act has to be violent, but it can also be something where you don’t expect a person (who you may or may not know) to act in an irrational way. And I sure that everybody out there may have experienced some kind of craziness on behalf of other people. And there is no serious defense against such kind of behavior as the only precaution you can take is to be alert at all times of your surroundings and be ready to react at a moment’s notice when somebody acts out of the ordinary. Needless to say that sometimes people do not take this kind of advice and essentially are sitting ducks for the same kind of crazy people who thrive on the element of surprise. And you will find these kinds of people in every part of the world, in every culture, society and religion. So please be careful out there, you never know who has been infected with the drug crazy.

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