Monday, April 22, 2013

Where did all the aid go?-4

If you are sincere and honest with your people, you can do wonders with aid. But since there is no accountability once the aid reaches a particular country, there are more chances for corruption. This has what has happened to the aid going towards Pakistan. Even with billions of dollars poured into the country, it is still the most Anti-American in the world. Because people of that country has not seen the aid flowing to elevate their living standards and all the see is that rich are getting rich and the poor are getting poorer, no wonder ordinary people will resent U.S. aid. To me it is useless to give aid to Pakistan because the poverty level has gone up with more people being poor with all this aid. I believe that once you stop giving aid, there will be a need for self reliant and the people would have no reason to kick the U.S. around for all of their own deficiencies. If our aid is not getting utilized and creating more enemies than friends, what is the use of sending more money when the conditions of the people does not change and only the rulers get richer. Or you give aid and make sure that there is accountability of where it is going to be spending so that you can see the benefits. But since it would not be possible because governments will refuse to have the aid channel directly to their people (since they will miss out on all the dollars for their own needs). It is time now to stop the aid (unless you know where it is going) since once the aid is stopped, there will be increasing self reliance on the part of the recipient countries and they will be much better than they are now.

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