Thursday, April 11, 2013

The ring thing

I never got this ring obsession which we have here in the U.S. Apparently having a wedding (or engagement) ring on your finger is like a status symbol or is it. Am I the only person who cannot understand this thing? I can understand that if you are recently married or engaged, it is nice to have a ring on your hand to announce it to the world that you are now committed to one person (although I don’t see if the world cares about that ) and you can keep it on for a while like a year or so but come on man, to keep it on for years and years and at all times is somewhat stretching the limit. I don’t know if somebody is showing that they are in commitment, or they just want to flaunt or they are in too much love or you may want to halt to advances of other single people who may mistake you as a potential date material but to be fair it is all in your head (one of my future topics). In the start, I had an argument with my wife regarding wearing the ring and she said that I don’t want to show people that I am married. I guess she was born in the U.S. where wearing a ring is such a big deal but I never saw my father and mother wearing a ring and they were more committed to each other than I have seen anybody else and the same goes with my sisters and cousins and other relatives who I have not seen long time with any ring on their fingers and they have been together for a long time (even with all the upheavals that accompany all marriages).

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