Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Saving lives of others

Have you ever saved a life other than yours? This question came to my mind while witnessing the rush of people going towards helping Boston Bombing people even if they did know that there can be danger lurking there. What is this psyche that people rush to help other people and saves their lives without any motivation or incentive? This behavior is witnessed every day when somebody helps with a car accident, rush inside burning building to rescue some stranger and even now the ultimate one donating one's organ to save somebody's life. I believe that it is just the human nature that without any thought of risk to their lives they save other people. People want to feel good about them that they saved somebody and did a good deed. I don’t believe for one second that these people does it for being a hero as you may have heard so many stories about people being just people. Sometimes even little kids step in to save some lives and they don’t feel like a hero but the society treats them like one. Even if the person who has saved lives has just done what a normal person will do under the circumstances, but society wants to make sure that it is not an ordinary feat and they want to make him an example of how human beings should behave in a particular situation and also encourage other people to set aside their selfish behavior and do collective good for other citizens.

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