Monday, April 22, 2013

Where did all the aid go?-2

To give you an example of two countries where the aid has been sent for more than thirty years and the difference it has made to the citizens involved. You don’t have to look so far as to have a comparison between Egypt and Israel. Both Egypt and Israel have been the second largest and the largest receipt of the aid and look at that difference in the quality of life of citizens of both countries. Granted that Egypt is much larger and more populous than Israel but Egypt also gets large amount of money from the workers it sends to the Gulf Arab countries. Israel have really transformed itself into one of the rich countries of the Middle East despite not have the natural resources of oil rich Arab countries. Israel's startup culture is next to none and despite being under constant threat of terrorism; it has continued to flourish faster than any Arab or Muslim country. I am not here to bash any country or to praise some country. But my point is to see that if you are sincere and honest about your citizens, there is nothing you cannot achieve and utilize the aid properly, you can make yourself a giant among the industrialized nations. See Israel's has a population of over eight million and with the GDP of nearly 250 Billion which comes out to hefty USD 30,000 per capita. You can compare that with some other Muslim countries that are not even close to anywhere that kind of per capita income.

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