Monday, April 8, 2013

Sibling Competition

As everybody knows who have siblings, there is always subtle and non subtle competition among them all the time. In fact between all the love and caring that the siblings have for each other, there is always this element of competition that encroaches on their relationship every now and then. Although, brothers and sisters have always been rivals but when it is between two or more sisters, then the intensity of rivalry overwhelms any that a brother and sister can have. And sometimes this competition lasts a lifetime and their whole families including kids and husband get sucked into this crazy competition. Although the love each other but there is an element of jealously that is underneath their skin that is not so subtle. Every kid vies for attention from their parents and then they play around and try to become favorite of their parents creating more completion and resentment. I for one was lucky enough not to have sibling rivalry (although being the only son helped a lot) but with my sisters there was no competition and I never saw any kind of jealously or competition among my sisters and not even to this day when they are married and have their own families have there been any kind of jealously that I have seen. But some families do have intense sibling competition as witnessed in some of the movies but not to that extent as to hurt somebody. But it is just that the siblings want to be the best in the eyes of their parents and others and as humans sometimes they are bound to be intensely competitive as are all human beings but at the end they love each other very much.

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