Saturday, April 13, 2013

Absence of intelligence-2

Different leaders may have different ideas of how the intelligence should be done in this day and age and some of them have come to see the technology as the savior of their community and be and end all of all intelligence. That is why they have convinced people that money on technology is a good investment and we should rely more on it than on the traditional forms of human intelligence. And believe me that it has markedly improved out intelligence capability but there are some things that you cannot do with human intelligence. As the technology has evolved, so has the capability of dangerous nations to outwit us with their own methods of evading detection. And since these nations (and individual non state entities) don’t have our kind of advanced technology, they have been able to outsmart us with traditional forms of intelligence which has been surprisingly effective in terms of evading detection and creating deception. And this has been adequately proven in some of the glaring failures in intelligence history. You don’t really have to go far to see that due to inadequate credible evidence on the ground, we have lost people in Somalia and gone to war in Iraq and have very poor understanding of the ground realities in Iran and especially North Korea now. Even in Afghanistan, our intelligence failures have been glaring that despite ten years in that area, we are nowhere near the win area that we were supposed to be. These things cannot be done by technology no matter how much we spent money on it (and we have spent considerably).

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