Thursday, April 11, 2013

The ring thing-2

I just suspect that it is a cultural thing that you have to show to people that you are married since in Asia; it is very less likely that people (both male and female) will wear their rings for a long time. But as I said to each his/her own. But do the people who wear this commitment like a status have to sample commitment towards their religion (if you believe in one). And when does it ever stop people from cheating on their partners/spouses even when they are wearing rings on their fingers? I am not here to judge anybody based upon what they are wearing or not but this ring thing is really something to ponder about. You can also see how this ring thing has influenced popular culture with songs and movies showing how important it is to have a ring worn at all times like it is part of one’s skin (and it really does become that as people don’t take it off ever). But as I said it before, this attachment to the ring just symbolizes the way our culture works. If you do not wear a ring, you are considered a single person, looking for relationship or just not putting it on so that you can cheat. But can somebody ever think about going beyond this reasoning and maybe see that having no ring can just mean that you can still be married, not looking for relationship and not planning to cheat as you already know what are your intentions and as the world does not give a hoot about whether you are wearing a ring or not, the world also does not care if you will do all of the above in order to deceive yourself or other people. It is just a state of mind and self satisfaction.

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