Thursday, April 25, 2013

Choose your battles

It just means that you have the opportunity to fight for your rights and be able to withstand pressure and when you don’t have enough to stand your ground and you then choose to be silence and let others have their way for the sake of peace or whatever. The best example is when to choose your battles is in a relationship when somebody stubbornly stands their ground when they know it that the other side is in the right. And choosing the wrong battle to stand up for what is not right can damage your argument when you are really in the right since the other partner can indicate that you were also wrong previously so what makes you think you will be right this time. So why damage your relationship when you can just be let the other party claim victory when they truly deserve it and suppress your ego and swallow your pride. Other most important battle is among the politicians who stubbornly stick to an issue even in the face of overwhelming opposition not only from the other side but from the public as well as they want to appeal to the hardcore audience even when it seems like their stand maybe based upon some kind of falsehood. There are certainly sometimes where you have to convince your constituency that you are right and sometimes you have to agree with them that you were mistaken or in other nicer language mislead upon that issue. So before you fight your battles, choose which one where you are certainly to win and have your say and where it is more beneficial to keep quiet and fight another battle.

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