Saturday, August 31, 2013

Who defines who Middle Class is?-2

I know the economists have tried to define Middle class but as everybody know that economics being an inexact science, the economists have been off the mark lately. I would not define anybody earning less than 60k as middle class since as elaborated in my previous posts the take home income makes them at the borderline of being Middle Class and after 60k I would be doubtful that the Middle class category is applied since as said before, nowadays even people earning more than 200k feel like they are middle class (but very few people will agree with them on that). So the politicians relying on some age old criteria of defining Middle Class should start news some new criteria of what the Middle class means. I for one do not feel like I am in the Middle class, although my wife will not agree with this as we like in a middle class neighborhood of an upper middle class town. I think for once even for statistic purposes we should retire this word Middle Class because then we would be able to know how much you really need to make it in the U.S. (or other countries for that matter) and the politicians would for once have no excuse to support the Middle class cause since now they are unable to help the middle class so with no labeling they will have to be creative to get the votes. In other countries, people strive to be in the Middle Class but don’t know what it is since having a car, house and having comfortable lifestyle is becoming out of reach or if it is reachable takes considerable amount of life time to achieve it.

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