Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Syrian conflict and the U.S.

There is no more pressing problem right now than the Syrian conflict that is going on in the Middle East. Although you can say that the Egyptian crisis is also not looking good but at least the violence and death toll is manageable and the country is not falling apart since overwhelming majority is of the Sunni branch of Islam but you never know that this crisis can become out of control in the future and jeopardize U.S. interests in the region. Anyway we will see what happens to that, now we come back to the Syrian Conflict. Some reports suggests that more than hundred thousand people have died in the conflict and there are growing calls in the U.S. and other advanced countries to arm the rebels so that they have a better chance to defeat the Syrian Army but can they do it really and is the conflict going to confined only the Syria or will spill over to other countries? As you know that Syria is actually a country with three ethnicities, the Sunnis, Alawites (to whom the Syrian government belongs) and the Kurds. Although the Kurds have been sidestepped in this conflict but in the case of the breakup of the country, they may have their own. Also there are some Christian and Shiites minorities. The overall fight is between the Syrian Government and the Sunni population who are being armed by the rich Sunni Arab states. But as the U.S. ponders if they want to enter the conflict, can we really see what we are getting into?

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