Monday, August 19, 2013

The proposed foreign troops exit from Afghanistan

Everybody is now excited about the proposed foreign troops (read: mostly American) exit from Afghanistan at the end of year 2014. These countries are namely Pakistan, Iran , India, China, the Russian Federation, Iran and other lesser important countries. And for reasons particular to each country, they will be happy to see the American and NATO forces withdraw from Afghanistan. And there are some countries who are joyous about the so called U.S. defeat in Afghanistan and now they think that they can do whatever they want to do in that area. But if there is joy, then there is concern that once the foreign troops are out of Afghanistan, the Taliban will consolidate their power and march onward towards Pakistan to establish their brand of Islam in that county which is already struggling under various problems mostly of their own fault (even if they blame foreign powers for it). But to be sure, the U.S. troops are not completely withdrawing and anyway the countries surrounding them are not powerful enough or monetarily sound enough to prop up the Kabul regime as the U.S. did before. And who knows that the U.S. knowing exactly who was to blame for the U.S. not winning in Afghanistan may lash out at the countries who tried to give support clandestinely to the Taliban. And the factions opposed to the Taliban before the war would not want to return to Afghanistan where the Taliban again are the rulers. So they will either fight or try to create their own personal space inside that country like the Kurds have done in Iraq. But the most unprepared country to deal with the withdrawal is Pakistan and it is eyeing that a friendly government will emerge in the shape of majority Pashtun population but what if it does not and another civil war ensues what is the contingency then for Pakistan. Things to ponder upon what if scenarios.

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