Monday, August 19, 2013

The Reputation factor

You already know that how important it is to keep your reputation otherwise there is nothing left to keep. Everybody from a common person to celebrities and even criminals are often said to keep their reputation intact even when it borders on murder. But what is reputation, it is like anybody who has recognized characteristics like honesty, truthfulness, integrity or in the other cases, cheaters, liars, crooks, criminals, murderers, frauds, scammers, and traitors. You can also add that a person can be risk takers or risk averse, good or bad neighbor to everybody and anything which a person has become associated with. But here is the catch ones you lose your reputation you lose everything and then it is hard to build up that particular reputation which has been destroyed by one act of yours which may have run contrary to your reputation. So although reputation is generally associated with human beings, but even corporations have developed over a number of years reputation of sort that is associated with them. They sometimes proudly display their reputation when advertising their products and you can rest assured that the people who are going to buy their product tend to list first the reputation of that company, like reputation for low prices, good customer service, free shipping both ways, exceptional return policy, great navigational websites and the list goes on. So if you are a human being or a corporation, you should better have some kind of reputation with which the people can associate you with and remember you and recommend you to other people and that is how the word of mouth spreads. A great reputation will endure you for ages to come.

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