Tuesday, August 20, 2013

From the heart

This just means that if you want to do something it should come from your heart. You cannot force anybody to do something if their heart is not into it. For example you can pour millions in your child's education but if their heart is not into it, it will all go to waste since it is the child who has to study and learn and sit in the exams. Also on occasion you cannot force people to bring you gifts or presents if their hearts are not into it. Although it is a courtesy to bring them but what if they don’t want to. You cannot exclude them just because they chose not to bring anything. Also the amount of gifts is not under your control. You cannot just say that the gifts or presents should not be less than such and such value because it is up to the individual's financial capacity, closeness to you and how much their heart desires to give you the appropriate gift. Same things go with every decision you make in your life whether it involves your religion, political affiliation, giving to charity, dating scene etc. On the flip side you can say that there is no compulsion in life, if you are not doing something which your heart desires then you are being forced to do things against your will and wishes and the end result for you may not be so good and it will affect your mental state of mind. So whatever you do in life make sure you are doing it from your heart and mind and not under any duress or compulsion.

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