Wednesday, August 28, 2013

On the lighter side-Travel-SaharaSams, West Berlin, New Jersey-2

On the way back we got some stuff from a pharmacy store and decided to find out where to eat our dinner. Our favorite place where ever we go is the Red Lobster ® but the address which was printed on the motel paper was all screwed up and we ended up at a local diner which we were glad we did since it remained opened till 1.00 in the morning. I urge everybody who go on a trip to try out the local diners since they have definitely better food and open later than the brand name restaurants. And staff is more personal and courteous. Anyway the food was enough that we had to pack it in and eat the next day during breakfast. Since we did not have anything else to do, we went again to SaharaSams to enjoy our day there and at night we finally found out where Red Lobster ® and after eating there went back to our motel. The next day was the same as before but since we did not stay that much at the vacation spot and crashed the bed early since we had to check out early in the morning. The way back was easy as there was very little traffic and we reached our house before the scheduled time. All in all a good vacation for less money and limited budget. For a change if you are under limited budget and still want to go on vacation, check out your local vacation spots where you can enjoy as much if not more than the far away exotic locations.

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