Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The weak states

Weak states are those whose authority does not extend to the whole of the country. And by this definition you can include not only the African countries where there is a constant state of civil war but also those countries where the states are functioning only rudimentary although on the surface of it they claim to have authority over all their territory. In this case you can include not only Iraq, Syria and Yemen but also Pakistan and to a much lesser extent India and to an even lesser extent Thailand and some parts of Philippines. Although I know that many people will disagree with me about the latter countries but if you closely examine them you are likely to see some kind of insurgency and even some lose of authority like the law enforcement agencies reluctance to enter into some area where they feel they are going to be ambushed. If you see in light of these analysis, then Thailand and Philippines are facing some kind of insurgency where the government is weak enough not to go into certain areas but the major problems lies in Iraq, Syria and Yemen where the states authority does to extend to certain areas and also India and Pakistan where there are certainly no go areas where even the military is reluctant to assert its authority without major resistance from the population there. Some states mentioned above can be brushed aside since they may or may not have major implications for world population but India and to a major extent Pakistan is highly dangerous since they possess nuclear weapons and the rebels or terrorists certainly want to get a hold on them.

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