Wednesday, August 28, 2013

On the lighter side-Travel-SaharaSams, West Berlin, New Jersey

Recently my annual two weeks of vacation came up and after much agony (on the part of my wife), we decided to have a mini vacation of three days right where I live in New Jersey. It was almost one and half hour’s drive from my house. The drive was okay but we hit some patches of rush where there was construction going on (I don’t know when it will end since there is always construction going on in New Jersey) but we reached our destination and checked in a motel. Since we had reached our motel ahead of schedule and did not want to waste the day, we decided to head to our vacation spot called Sahara Sams (Disclosure: I have not been compensated nor endorse any products or establishments mentioned in this post. It is just what I have observed and witnessed). Anyway, we reached the place and it was a indoor/outdoor water park. The outdoor park had one swimming pool and one big wave pool where the waves were generated mechanically every ten minutes or so. It was fun in the sun with many people (with a limited budget) enjoying sun and water at the same time. The indoor park had lazy river (I love it a lot) and some other water sports where kids and adults both were enjoying it. Since the park closed on 7 P.M. each day, we stayed there only until 6.30 P.M the first day since there is only so much you can stay in the water and enjoy the sun.

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