Wednesday, August 28, 2013

So is this the Arab Spring?

I am still in shock with this whole Arab Spring thing. I mean it was suppose to usher into some democratically elected governments in Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Syria apart from the monarchies in the Persian Gulf. But what happened to it when it crossed into Egypt? Libya ended up with more violence and then it went on the Egypt where the Mubarak government was overthrown and then it went to Syria where we are still reliving the violent Arab Spring which has changed into fall, winter and then Spring again. But as for Egypt, the world thought that after the elections everything would be fine and people will be happy to elect the government of their choice but it never happened that way. After one year of the bungled Islamist rule, the government was overthrown by the Military and now we have this violent clash in a society that was supposed to be homogenous in terms of religion sects and ethnicity. But this Arab Spring never reached the rich Gulf States and their poor cousins states where people live on the fringes of society waiting for some messiah to give them hope but this Arab Spring was just an excitement with the western media who thought that it would change the landscape of a region which has been in a deep slump for hundreds of years and this was the time the revolution would be real but they were wrong about it. Being a democratic elected government does not mean that the people are represented but it is just to show the western world that a government has been elected by the people but it is not for the people or of the people. The real power still rest with the military and other forces who still want to rule the people with the iron fist and this Arab spring was just a fad that has come to a conclusion with violence and again hopelessness

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