Saturday, August 31, 2013

The financially stressed out Middle Class-2

And it is not just the U.S. where the Middle class is under financial stress but there are some countries where the Middle Class has altogether vanished and you find very poor and very rich and no class in between. This financial stress not only affects financially but also the mental and physical health of the individual and families experiencing it. I have personally experienced some of the financial stress that the truly struggling middle class are in and the silent suffering they are in. Apart from the regular bills, the most important are the sudden expenses like the medical issues and mechanical issues relating to the car, there are in addition the unexpected house expenses that you have to do in order to maintain your house. If you are reading this post you must have reflected upon your own situation and may have identified identical situations that may have led you to have financial stress. Every person in power tries to say that they are there for the Middle Class but it is not true and with stagnant income and rising expenditures, the middle class is in a bind and they are kept getting asked to sacrifice more so that everybody can benefit. I am also supposedly part of this middle class which have been unemployed twice and have seen wages not rising as much as it should. My master’s degree does not mean anything when I have been subject to being pigeon hole in one field of specialty where I am at the mercy of a challenging economy. And we are being squeezed every day in this never end nightmare story of financial stress and ruin.

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