Sunday, August 18, 2013

The airport scene

I believe that almost everybody has been to the airport, either in the capacity of going somewhere by plane or receiving some one arriving and you may well know that the airport it seems have a life of its own a small city within a big city. And as most of the people, I have been both on the leaving and the receiving side of the airport business. This time around I had to drop my mom at the airport since she was flying back home and even when the city is sleeping or near asleep, the airport buzzes along like there is no day or night concept at the airport. People were coming and going, some standing at the check in lines for verification of their boarding passes and weighing their luggage and some were just there to bid farewell to their loved ones. Some were hungry enough to head to the food stalls to eat or drink. The people with the kids were there with their entire chaotic schedule trying to deal with the luggage and make sure the kids are in their eye sight. Security was as usual tight. Some were staring at the arrival and departure screen of the planes arriving and departing from the airport. Flight crews were coming in for their scheduled flights and people who wanted to reach their gates were lining up at the security check point to get screened themselves. The huge parking lot outside was almost full and I am always surprised why there are always lots of cars even when the airport activity is dull, maybe it is because some have long time parking permits, I don’t know but it is always fun to visit the airport and see a different side of the city.

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