Friday, August 30, 2013

The Egyptian massacre and Iranian unrest of yesteryears

Okay we now know that there was a massacre in Egypt by their military to clear the protest by Muslim Brotherhood and the world kept quiet somewhat and even some Arab countries supported the crackdown (massacre?!) and also in Egypt there were people who fully came out behind the military assault against their own people and this crackdown reminds me of the time Iran had a similar episode a few years ago when the opposition came out and said that the election was rigged and they demanded a new election. And there was also crackdown and the west was more vocal in that situation. But here the difference starts because even if the Iranian had cracked down hard on the protesters they were under sanctions from the west and so they had no reason to listen to the outside world regarding whatever they were doing. But the Egypt regime is being sustained by the U.S. and it had influence over the events happening and still it did not do anything to prevent the crackdown and also its allies in the Arab world backed this crackdown too. So the logic comes here that if you are friend of the west and rely on their aid, you can crack down on your people and the west will look the other way but if you are not a friend (like Iran), you will even scream if there is a killing of a few people. So by comparison, I see the hypocrisy of the west when it comes to allies and enemies. There should be equal condemnation in both cases and more so in the case of a country where you are giving billions of dollars in aid. But I guess that is what you call politics.

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