Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Citizen's needs and Government budgets

In the western and advanced societies, there is a growing need for citizens services which are to be seemingly met by the government through its budgets and hence through taxes, but sometimes the governments have promised way beyond their capacity to deliver to the citizens which have come to rely on these services as essentials. I mean that once you have promised your citizens something in terms of social services and have been providing it for years on end, the citizens would really not care where the money is coming from if you start to talk about problems in your budgets. The citizens don’t care whether you tax rich people or cut some other expenses or raise taxes on things which are remotely connected to them, they want their services to be delivered on time and as usual and they don’t want to hear any excuses about expenses and loses and budgetary constraints. Time and time again, the politicians keep on promising their citizens what is not theirs and hope that by some miracle things will be in place so that their budgets are not busted and all their citizens’ needs can be taken care of till the next election. But it was long time ago and the politicians have promised way too much without budgeting how they are going to pay for it and citizens are getting angrier and frustrated that they in their times of need, the governments have started to fail without realizing that without paying more taxes and cutting expenses (including services), there is always going to be some shortfall in the services being provided to them. Will the needs of the citizens and the government budgets ever match? The answer is no.

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