Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Royal baby and the celebrities

Recently the Royal family of Britain was blessed with a future King and the occasion was very festive and exciting and after a day or so the world got to see the future King of Great Britain. And there was more curiosity and more betting done on the name of this future king than anything else and I started to making comparisons of the kind of celebrities we have who gives the picture of their newborn babies to the highest bidder in the tabloid industry. Although the tabloids pay top dollars and media frenzy is created that who will be the first one to get a hold on the rights to publish the baby photos but it is still selling out your baby for money. It is very rare that a celebrity will show their baby without any remuneration since you see their pictures on only one magazine and not many. Although I can understand that the Royal family is supported by the tax payers of that country so they kind of have to show the baby free of any monetary compensation but what if for a moment they try to have a bidding war among the media that who gets to get the first rights to publish the pictures, would they not be called many indescribable names for a start and then they will have show the baby anyway. Why can't the celebrities let go of their monetary compulsion and just show the baby if that’s what the public wants ( I could care less if they don’t). But that is a big IF and they will not since their audience is very narrow and I guess (I maybe wrong) a big factor is also greed and if they can mint money off their offspring early then better for them since celebrities are all about the fame and money (mostly money).

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