Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The animals and our lives revolving around them

Have a animal in the house is a big business in the U.S. I have rarely seen a house without some kind of animal for kids and adults. And as such you may have seen animal hospitals everywhere. In fact while driving around some towns on the way to my house I see that there is at least one animal hospital in each time small or big (big ones may have more than one). Even when a town is small and they can have an incentive to merge with the next town hospitals, they don’t. But I guess the animal industry is so big that each town must have at least one hospital to cater to its animal population. I have never been to one of these kinds of hospital and I guess there would not a silence as compared to human ones. But this I believe and have heard that people spend thousands dollars on their pet's health issue and take it as seriously as any family member. In fact it is not unheard to hear people say that they have these numbers of family members and that includes their pets. And so as their serious with their human family members, they are dead serious about the health of their pets. And you know that if you a pet, how much effort and time you have to spent in order to make sure that they are well taken care of . I have often seen people walking their dogs in rain, snow or sunshine. And since animals are living organisms, they will fell ill, get injured or don’t feel well sometimes.

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