Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Still with the race issue

Recently a case of very much importance came along in which a white/Hispanic male shot dead a black kid who was wearing a hoodie and he looked dangerous to him. Although the suspect got off (for whatever reason) there has been a lot of hue and cry about his acquittal and also stating that because the kid was black and the suspect was white it was a racist shooting. Now before everybody starts screaming at me for being utterly insensitive and being a racist, let me tell you from the start that I am neither and I don’t believe that the kid should have been hurt in the first place just because he was wearing a particular type of clothing. I don’t know under what circumstances the unfortunate incident took place and neither does the jury despite all the evidence presented because they were not there at that time of the shooting. Maybe I have not suffered as much as other people regarding the racism era since I am an immigrant (as are everybody else) but you should know that racism is alive and well all over the world and I may have suffered under it (not to the extent some other people have in this country). But why is that if you don’t like a verdict one start to cry racism. Aren't we not just past it or are we. By the looks of it, we are still suffering from racism in one form of the other especially when it comes to law enforcement. It has become an us vs. the mentality and a whole community has come to regard the Justice system and law enforcement as being racist. But now the Muslims are being treated with suspect, should be cry foul and race the specter the racism with regard to how the young Muslim men and women are being treated now. This issue will remain unsettled unless everybody is treated with dignity irrespective of race, creed or national origin you cannot force these unless it is instilled in kids from the beginning of the lives. It really hurts that we in the 21st century are still dealing with race relations which should have been settled long time ago.

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