Monday, August 19, 2013

Race against time

This post is about how you have to make sure you are at a certain place at a certain time and it just gives you more stress than necessary. For example I just live less than 20 miles away from New York City and I drive but I leave early in the morning since I don’t know what I will encounter during my commute. If there is no traffic I reach Jersey City (where I park my car and take the train) just 20 minutes but when there is traffic, it can go beyond an hour or so. It may be a combination of factors like some accident (the worst one) to some construction work on the roads (no less worse) and when these things are not happening, you just pray that the trains are on time because sometimes they have some mechanical issue, or signal problems or some sick passenger that delays your commute. Worse still is when it rains then the traffic slows automatically and if there is snow then you can forget about your time schedule as it affects all forms of transportation. So instead of sleeping longer, I have to get up earlier in order to beat the traffic and get the train and reach the office on time. And it is not just me but billions of people around the world who in order to reach their work place have to race against time to reach where they want to reach. And not only in the office but any appointment, birthdays or parties and other activities, you really have to rush to reach that place at a certain time and that increases your stress level for no reason.

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