Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The weak States-2

The weak states are the ones that keep the U.S. and other western countries leadership up all night since these states are either not capable of extending their authority or are so much mired up in their problems that they see that even if they are failing, they know that they will not be fallen apart because they will be rescued by more powerful countries. Although India has the problem of Marxist insurgency but they are too weak to pose an existential threat to the integrity of India (or maybe not right now anyway) but Pakistan is a whole another story. Despite having a large and organized army and functioning institutions (although corrupted), they are either confused or do not care about the going on in their country or are too stretched thin to do anything about extending their laws to all of their country. It is either of the above combinations that the Country despite all the resilience of its people and resources that they have is falling apart literally because nobody wants to take responsibility and it is this dangerous attitude that the state has become one of the weakest so called nuclear countries in the world. It is really sad that a promising country has fallen so much deep into such despair that they are unable to hold their writ over large parts of their country. This article does not reflect in any way on the poor people of Pakistan who are struggling to makes end meet but it does reflect on the rich and corrupt people and the security agencies that are just there to show their anti western attitude while at the same time get aid and party in the western world. Maybe there is a belief that the country can never fall apart because again the western world will never want to do that but why rely on them when you hate them so much. I am as confused as you are and this sad story does not end here but it is an ongoing saga that you will keep on witnessing and I will keep on telling it to you on an ongoing basis.

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