Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The looming threat of unemployment

You know that all around the world there is always a threat of being unemployed in some point of your life. And I have been unemployed two times (not counting the other two times, I had bouts of unemployment but who is counting at this point), and despite being gainfully employed, there is always a constant threat that you would be without a job because of economy or the company not doing well or any other reasons which is out of your control. And to be blunt, in my previous job, I have been threatened several times that I will be fired and I just kept quiet because of the painful search for another job and also about how to pay your bills while you are without a job. My point is that no matter how well you do in your job, you never know when your job is eliminated. Although the threat of unemployment is bad, it is the psychological effect that hits your health and develops into low esteem and other stress related issues. And these kinds of effects are hidden when people see happy people lining up for lunch hour during the job. The laughter and fun time that you see is really a mask from the reality of what can happen when you lose a job and most of the people are really living paycheck to paycheck that they are scared to even think about what would have if they lose their present job. And it just disgusts me to think that the employees are so helpless that they are practically begging for a job and even without remuneration just to get a foothold in a company that may lead to a full time job and out of their parents home and on their own. Develop a plan B and C and D for GOD sake and be ready to work at it because you never know when you need it.

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